Watering Lawns Irrigation Tips

Some homeowners prefer irrigating their lawns manually instead of using the sprinklers. These people believe that sprinklers can overuse water. However, this is not the always the case . The advancement of technology has lead to the design of efficient irrigation systems. These systems are very efficient, and they utilize modern water-saving techniques. Outlined here below are some of the valuable tips which are used in maintaining a healthy and green lawn and conserve water.

Consider the type of the sprinkler

In-ground sprinklers are recommended by most of the landscaping professionals for irrigating grass. The use of sprinklers has been proven to be one of the effective methods of maintaining your yard. All the home owners who are planning to stay in their homes for a long time are also encouraged to use this irrigation system. On the other hand, the permanent sprinklers are helpful in increasing the home’s resale value. Alternatively, you can invest in a pulsating sprinklers system if you do not have the in-ground system. This is a special system which is hooked to the garden by use of a hose.

Irrigating early is important

The best time for irrigating the lawn is early in the morning. Air is usually cool in the morning hours since the wind is not strong. You should avoid irrigating your lawn when the wind is strong because the wind can lead to uneven watering. The most recommended time for irrigating the lawns is between 4.am -10 a.m. Additionally, watering in the morning will ensure that the soil is adequately soaked before the sun comes out.

Your lawn should be wetted evenly

Professional Irrigation experts can greatly help you in installing and testing your sprinkler system. This is due to ensure that water is dispersed evenly. This can be done best by placing some containers around your lawn and then turning the system on. The water dispersed should then be examined after some time and any adjustment done according to if necessary. Sprinkling the water evenly is one of the best ways of saving water.

Watering slowing

The process of irrigating the grass should be done in advance. The time taken to irrigate the lawn is dependent on the size of the lawn.…